Our Experienced team has done lots of customizations for AbleCommerce

AbleCommerce customization
ProPeersInfo team  specializes in professional custom programming and pre-written AbleCommerce 7 and Gold modules. We have been installing, customizing and programming AbleCommerce 7 and Gold since the day it was released.Few AbleCommerce customizations are as follows:

  • Plugin for Banner Management (Both at Website and Category level)
  • Integration with counter point (CP), a centralized inventory management system
  • Custom Design Integration
  • Custom Sales, Marketing, and Inventory Reporting
  • Built custom modules/plugins for able store
  • Experience in building User controls used on Able store
  • Dynamic Product Display and Pricing
  • Customize AbleCommerce to your requirements
  • Specialized Data Feeds
  • Integration with Third Party Applications
  • Integration with USPS
  • Responsive website design and development

Looking for an Expert AbleCommerce Programmer?

Instead of hunting for developers with proper skillset and right attitude, you can select appropriate resources from our talent pool. The developers can sit in our office and develop software for you under your team management. Just let us know how many developers you need and for how long. You may add or reduce team size with just 7 days notice.

We are experts in AbleCommerce customization. It has been a pioneer, and leader, in the ecommerce software industry for more than 17 years! It is a complete eCommerce software package. It provides an easy to use shopping cart system that is full of features, customizable, and affordable for new merchants. It was established in 1994. Also, it provides Shopping Cart Software, plugins, eCommerce, integrations and much more features and facilities. It is a complete shopping cart system designed and developed to assist merchants with day-to-day management of customers, orders and the catalog system. Customers will find online store easy to use and navigate with a variety of features and facilities that will captivate their interest.