Orchard CMS

Orchard Services :
We develop affordable websites, custom modules, and custom themes for small businesses based on the Orchard CMS from Microsoft. Whether you want a small website, e-commerce storefront, or blog, we can provide you an affordable solution today that can grow with the needs of your business tomorrow Contact us today.

About Orchard CMS:

Orchard is an outstanding new CMS built on the latest Microsoft technologies like ASP.NET MVC and Razor, plus it is sponsored by Microsoft. What does this mean for you? It means we can develop on it fast and efficiently and can provide a virtually unlimited amount of customization for you affordably.

Orchard CMS

Reasons that Orchard is the right CMS:

  • We mention that adding, editing, deleting and organizing your content is really simple.
  • Your site will look exactly like you want it. Whether our talented creative staff design your site for you or you provide the design, your site will look exactly as you want it.
  • Update your site to your heart’s content and the site will still look great! With Orchard CMS, no matter how much content you add, your site will still look great because you’ll have just the right amount of control over your content, but not so much that you can get yourself into trouble and break the look of the site.
  • The code that the CMS creates automatically fits HTML standards perfectly, too, which is exactly how search engines like it and when search engines are happy, your site stands a better chance of ranking towards the top.
  • Advanced workflow – you can have as many editors of your site as you need and never lose control. Receive email notifications for any updates that you wish. Assign users for different roles: editors, writers, etc.
  • Orchard is free! It is an open-source CMS which means there are no recurring licensing fees.
  • Scheduling – You can schedule pages, content or promotions to be published on any specific date so your content is live exactly when it should be.


Looking for an Expert Orchard Programmer?

Instead of hunting for developers with proper skillset and right attitude, you can select appropriate resources from our talent pool. The developers can sit in our office and develop software for you under your team management. Just let us know how many developers you need and for how long. You may add or reduce team size with just 7 days notice.