NAVConnector I NopCommerce – MS Dynamics

NAVConnector – Integrating e-Commerce Stores with Dynamics NAV/ERP

Connector for Microsoft Dynamics is an integration solution which is targeted specifically at the Microsoft Dynamics product family. Connector provides an real time integration between e-Commerce shops and Dynamics ERP/NAV solutions.

NavConnector has two components

1.Connector Web service.
2.Nav-Nop Mapping Component.
Connector Web Services
It is a web service wrapper that proxies the communication for NAV, it also allows to bypass windows authentication with Dymanic NAV 2009 version onwards. It manages to-fro communication between Nop and NAV framework.

Nav-Nop Mapping Component

It manages fields mapping, which are used while exchanging data from Nop-to-NAV or vice versa.

Dynamic NavConnector Work Flow Diagram



Our NopCommerce offer :

  • Development of your custom nopCommerce website or portal
  • Skin/Theme implementation
  • Custom Plugin development
  • Mobile App Development for nopCommerce stores
  • Migration of existing e-commerce sites
  • PSD to nopCommerce conversion
  • ERP/CRM integration (MS Dynamics Navision/CRM )
  • Multilingual and highly responsive support
  • Hosting on Microsoft Azure servers


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