What’s new in nopCommerce 3.80

NopCommerce 3.80 releases

NopCommerce 3.80 released on Wednesday August 3rd 2016. The main changes implemented are aimed at making nopCommerce more store owners and store managers oriented.Eased the work with the platform for different types of users: from beginner merchants to experienced managers. Making it happen, focused on UI and UX and simplified and re-designed admin area.

    Re-designed and simplified admin area

  • Introduced absolutely new responsive design for admin area. It’s viewable on all mobile devices, enabling store management on-the-go.
  • Re-designed the product details page, which was very long and required much scrolling. They made two modes for this page: “basic” and “advanced” (a store owner can choose which settings will be displayed in “basic” mode). “Basic” mode shows the only minimum amount of settings needed for mundane work. By clicking the switch button, the page can be set to “Advanced” mode which shows all available fields.
  • For the setting pages they have chosen the most widely used settings (minimum list) and made them visible in “Basic” mode. By clicking the switch button, the page can be set to “Advanced” mode which shows all available settings.
  • The new admin area menu got search with autocomplete functionality. During the input, the search field will be expanded and will offer a list of matching menu items.
  • Fully customizable dashboard that can be modified to show only reports the store owner needs.

Usage of several discounts simultaneously (cumulative discounts)

  • New nopCommerce version has a more flexible discount system. This time, they are made improvements and now multiple discounts can be used simultaneously, allowing more promotion campaigns to be more flexible. Just check the “Cumulative with other discounts” box on the discount details page and remember that it is usable only with the same discount type, while the discounts with different types are already cumulative.
  • “Color square” specification attribute type

    Now the specification attributes can be displayed and filtered not only with digits and words but also with color blocks.

Conditional checkout attributes

  • Introduced conditional checkout attributes. A store owner can specify a condition for a checkout attribute when this attribute should be visible depending on other attribute value. Conditional attributes that only appear if a previous attribute is selected, such as having an option for personalizing clothing with a name and only providing the text input box if the “Personalize” radio button is checked. It makes a complex task like adding a custom message or choosing the material of gift wrapping into an easy one.

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