What’s New in NopCommerce 4.00


NopCommerce 4.00 released on Thursday, November 09, 2017. In this release focused was on moving nopCommerce to ASP.NET Core 2.0, performance, architecture improvements, further enhancements and fixing bugs. The changes implemented are aimed at making nopCommerce more store owners and store managers oriented. Eased the work with the platform for different types of users: from beginner merchants to experienced managers. Making it happen, focused on UI and UX and simplified and re-designed admin area.


Highlight Features:

  • Migration to ASP.NET Core 2.0. but they target .NET Framework 4.6.1 and not .NET Core. They plan to use .NET Core only when EF Core team starts supporting all ORM functionality from the classic EF. Such as lazy loading, etc.
  • Performance enhancements.
  • Nop 4.0 support bitnami/azure VM build.
  • Xamarin VStudio Solution build for generating a webapp apk, ipa, appx files.
  • Nop 4.0 Split front end from backend and connect through API.
  • All cache/session can be managed in admin so that the cache/session is available to multiple instances during auto-scale setup centralized promotions.
  • Plugins can be used to extend the functionality of frontend and backend separately.



  • Allow store owners to upload plugins and themes instead of putting them manually into “\Plugins” or “\Themes” directory using FTP. Also allow to delete uninstalled plugins in admin area
  • Better UI/UX in admin area. Nested settings
  • Enabled “Force SSL for all site pages” by default. It is no longer possible to set “secure” cookies over insecure (e.g. HTTP) origins on Firefox and Chrome after they implemented the Strict Secure Cookies specification
  • Dynamically update order totals blocks when updating checkout attributes (shopping cart page)
  • Google analytics plugin. Reverse an ecommerce transaction. And process only already paid orders (not just placed)
  • “Accept terms of use” for vendors
  • Use more secure password hashing algorithm (SHA1)
  • Added “Store IP addresses” customer setting. When enabled, IP addresses of customers will be stored. It’s prohibited to store IP addresses in some countries (private customer data). For example, in Germany now
  • B2B. Allow a store owner to override tax display type (excl/incl tax) based on customer role
  • Dynamically update order totals blocks when updating checkout attributes (shopping cart page)
  • Using nop4.0 more secure password hashing algorithm (SHA1)
  • Properly handling of products marked as “free shipping” in the shipping plugins
  • Validate credit card expiration date in payment plugins method
  • Localization support for “Text prompt” field of product attributes
  • Consistent cookie names. Now all cookie names start with “.Nop4.0”
  • A lot of other source code refactoring and polishing



  • Faster loading of cross-sells for nop4.0
  • Performance nopCommerce4.0 More SQL Server indexes
  • Cache stores, currencies, languages between requests (do not load them for each HTTP request)
  • Moved JavaScript files and inline scripts to the footer nopcommerce4.0
  • Performance More asynchronies methods.
  • Implemented splitting locales to two group’s performance.
  • Moved javascript files and inline scripts to the footer
  • Schedule tasks are rewritten to be run using HTTP requests (not in background)
  • Response compression
  • Now generated bundles and minified files are stored on the file system
  • More SQL Server indexes
  • Faster loading of cross-sell
  • Cache stores, currencies, languages between requests (do not load them for each HTTP request)
  • Faster Azure BLOB support (caching added)
  • More async methods
  • Implemented splitting locales to two groups


We have already started working on plugins and theme upgrades to nopCommerce 4.00, Please contact at sales@propeerisnfo.com with any request.


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