Cloud Application Development and Migration

ProPeersInfo team specialize in application and data migration over cloud. We have successfully migrated application on cloud for multiple customers around the world. We have used some best practices to migrate data safe and seamlessly on multiple cloud environment like Amazon , Azure, DC 74 .

In this blog, Cloud Application Development and Migration, we will emphasize on cloud migration on private and public cloud for our customers. The websites and database are migrated on Microsoft Windows Azure and on DC74 Cloud Computing environment.

Data migration on Cloud using DC74 (Private cloud):

DC74 provides the virtual machines to maintain the website and database.

Private Cloud

KneX Worldwide – One of our customer wanted their sales and purchases orders tracking website to be put on private cloud for better accessibility. We hosted the application and database on private cloud using virtual machines and RDP access provided by DC74. Application hosted on IIS server and database on SQL server. Data Migration on cloud was done in one go without any errors. Functional and performance tests were run to ensure that migration is successful.

Another customer wanted their application and database containing product information to be migrated to be cloud. We used the methodology listed above.

Data migration on Cloud using Microsoft Windows Azure (Public cloud):

Microsoft Azure provides platform to host application and databases on cloud. We used the defined migration life cycle of Azure: Analysis -> Application Migration -> Data Migration -> Optimization and Testing -> Operation and Management

Public Cloud

One of our customers wanted their application and database of doctor profiles to be migrated to public cloud using Microsoft Azure platform. All the underlying operating system, hardware, network, storage resources, and platform updates are taken care of by Microsoft automatically.

We used Visual Studio to connect with Microsoft Azure and host application and the database on cloud. Application was deployed/published on Azure using Visual Studio and database was created on SQL Dashboard. Latest database backup was restored on cloud database server and application was successfully hosted on IIS.

Procedure followed by us to create & host application on Azure Cloud:

1. Download and install Azure SDK for Visual Studio.
2. Create a WebApplication with Visual Studio.

Step 1

3. After Build, select Publish, as:

step 2

4. Select Windows Azure Sites, and login with Microsoft Accounts.
5. Then select or create a website.
6. In setting windows Select database from azure cloud, or type connection string there.

Step 3


7. Click on publish.

We executed functional and performance tests on the newly deployed application live.

Challenges faced:

  • Bulk uploading of records from SQL database to Index was not successful. We resolved this by updating records in batches instead of updating in one go.
  • Performance tests reported some performance bottlenecks which were resolved by fine tuning SQL queries in the database.
  • Fixed issue to changing Site Scaling from Free tier to Basic tier, and set instances.

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